Mens: Cut & Blow dry

Stylist: 75
Senior Stylist: 85
Master Stylist: 95
Pedro Sanchez: 120

Ladies: Cut & Blow out

Stylist: 100-140
Senior Stylist: 120-170
Master Stylist: 130-200
Pedro Sanchez: 150-250


Stylist: 50
Senior Stylist: 50


Blow out (long)

Stylist: 70 +
Senior Stylist: 80 +
Master Stylist: 90 +
Pedro Sanchez: 110 +

Blow out (short-medium)

Stylist: 60
Senior Stylist: 70
Master Stylist: 80
Pedro Sanchez: 90

Flat/Curling Iron


Quick Styling dry hair
30 minutes
Stylist: 50
Senior Stylist: 50

Hair treatments

Olaplex Treatment
Stylist 60
Senior Stylist 60
Master Stylist 60
Pedro Sanchez 60
Hair Treatment
Stylist 25-50
Senior Stylist 25-50
Master Stylist 25-50
Pedro Sanchez 25-50
Leonor Greyl Luxury Hair Treatment (incl. Blow Out)
Stylist 100-150
Senior Stylist 100-150
Master Stylist 100-150

Hair extensions

Look like the stars with great, lengthy, natural hair extensions!
Hair Extensions are the hottest beauty trend to hit the Red Carpet. It’s perfect for adding more length, fullness, volume, body, highlights, lowlights, fixing a bad haircut, growing out bangs or just driving your boyfriend crazy!

Consultations are a must! Speak to your stylist: why you want them and what look you want to achieve. Remember to ask as many questions as you can! It will be helpful for both you and your stylist.

Enjoy your new look for an evening out, in the work place, in the gym, or even on the beach! Book your consultation today!

We work with Tape Extensions by

Small panels of double sided tape sections are applied to the natural hair section. An excellent choice for the client looking for a large amount of length and volume. NEW: one sided tape sections, for fine hair and volume on the side!

  • 90 minute application
  • 5 week wear – client comes back for re-tape
  • Reusable for 25 weeks
  • Human Remy hair
  • Undetectable and luxurious

NOTE: All extension clients must have a consultation with the stylist prior to booking your appointment. A deposit for a percentage of the service is required at the time of consultation. This charge will be applied to the cost of your hair extensions. All extension appointments will include a tutorial on maintaining your extensions. Due to the custom matching of  each individual clients color, hair-extensions are NON-REFUNDABLE nor can be restocked once ordered. 


Stylist  100+
Senior Stylist  110+
Master Stylist  130+
Pedro Sanchez  200+


Like an artist uses paint to express artistic expression, a stylist uses hair coloring to enhance and emphasize dimension. Color can define lines, soften features, warm skin tones and accentuate a person’s lifestyle and personality.

Root color
Stylist 90-110
Senior Stylist 100-120
Master Stylist 110-125
Pedro Sanchez 190
Color full
Stylist 120-140
Senior Stylist 130-155
Master Stylist 140-170
Pedro Sanchez 240
Toner & Colorshine
Stylist 65-105
Senior Stylist 70-110
Master Stylist 80-120
Pedro Sanchez 150
Plant based root color
Stylist 120
Senior Stylist 120
Master Stylist 120
Plant-based color full
Stylist 145
Senior Stylist 145
Master Stylist 145
Color remove
Stylist 80-120
Senior Stylist 90-130
Master Stylist 100-150
Pedro Sanchez 180
Color change

according to consultation

Above prices do not include a haircut and/or blowout.
Those under the age of 18 will be required to have a parent or legal guardian present for the consultation.


Whether it’s a Surface, Partial, or Full Hilites you seek, hilites are a great way to create lighter color on selected strands to produce contrast. All hilites are done with a foil technique.

Highlights surface
Stylist  120+
Senior Stylist  135+
Master Stylist  150+
Pedro Sanchez  200+
Highlights partial head
Stylist  165+
Senior Stylist  180+
Master Stylist  225+
Pedro Sanchez  300+
Highlights full head
Stylist  190+
Senior Stylist  220+
Master Stylist  250+
Pedro Sanchez  375+

Balayage / Ombre

“Balayage” is for lightening the hair by using a free hand painting technique to create a graduated, more natural looking effect. “Ombre” is a color technique in which it is a graduation of dark to light, usually only lightening the midshaft to ends.

Balayage partial head
Stylist  145+
Senior Stylist  160+
Master Stylist  190+
Pedro Sanchez: after consultation
Balayage full head
Stylist  170+
Senior Stylist  200+
Master Stylist 230+
Pedro Sanchez: after consultation
Above prices do not include a haircut and/or blowout.
Additional charge for toner or glaze.
Those under the age of 18 will be required to have a parent or legal guardian present for the consultation.


Pedro Sanchez Boutique Coiffeur is proud to offer the latest in Keratin treatments. Keratin treatments can soften, shine, smooth, reduce/eliminate frizz, reduce/eliminate curl, reduce hair density and give instant manageability. Depending on your hair type and needs, our certified Keratin specialists will recommend the right Keratin treatment for you.

Keratin Treatment short hair
Stylist 320
Senior Stylist  320+
Master Stylist  340+
Keratin Treatment medium Long hair
Stylist 420
Senior Stylist  420+
Master Stylist  440+
Keratin Treatment long hair
Stylist 550-700
Senior Stylist 550-700
Master Stylist ab 570-750
Anti-frizz Treatment
Stylist  120+
Senior Stylist  120+
Master Stylist  120+
Japanese straightening

Pedro Sanchez after consultation

Stylist  150+
Senior Stylist  150+
The above prices for Keratin treatments and Anti-Frizz Treatments include a blowdry. The above prices for perm do not include a hair and / or blowout.

Make up / Eyebrows / Eyelashes

Make Up
Stylist 100-150
Senior Stylist 100-150
Master Stylist 100-150
Pedro Sanchez 150-250

with artificial eyelashes + 20

Eyebrow color
Eyebrow Wax / Teezing
Eyelash color

Cancellation policy

Your appointments are very important to all our team members at Pedro Sanchez Boutique Coiffeur. Time allotted for an appointment is reserved specifically for you. We do understand that sometimes schedule adjustments are necessary; therefore, we respectfully request at least 24 – hour notice for adjustments to your appointments and for cancellations. All our policies are designed to benefit our guests.

When you forget or cancel your appointment without giving enough notice, your service provider misses the opportunity to fill that appointment time, and clients on our waiting list miss the opportunity to receive services they need. We do require 24 hour notice of cancellation. In the event we do not receive the required 24 hour notice for adjustments and cancellations we are required to bill you 50% after 24h notice cancellations and 100% after 4h notice cancellations or if you do not show for the appointment.

We respect you as a valued guest and we hope to continually be of service to you.

Thank you for your loyalty.

As a courtesy, all reservations made more than 48 hours before the appointment will be confirmed via e-mail, text, or phone call.

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